More than 1.5 million children perished during the Holocaust.

Most of the estimated 130,000 who survived were girls. The majority of boys, their faith revealed by the evidence of circumcision, were not saved.

Sam Harris is believed to be one of the youngest who made it out alive.

Philanthropist and activist Sharon Stone invited Sam to share his story.



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Saturday, September 28, 2018
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In 1947, the 12-year-old boy born as Szlamek Rzeznik sailed with other child refugees to America. Through the Jewish Children's Bureau in Chicago, he was adopted by a loving family and became Samuel R. Harris.

School, career, marriage and fatherhood followed, but Sam never forgot his past. He wrote a book to share his journey, "Sammy: Child Survivor of the Holocaust." He speaks to thousands annually about the atrocities of genocide, honoring the lives of all those who died at the hands of bigotry and hatred.

Sam was an instrumental force in the creation of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, of which he is President Emeritus.

In 2014, Sam was the proud recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.


In sharing your personal testimony as a survivor you have granted future generations the opportunity to experience a personal connection with history. Thank you for your invaluable contribution, your strength and generosity of spirit.
— Steven Spielberg
The Illinois Holocaust Museum is a world-class institution that compels, teaches and guides us to overcome intolerance and indifference...each of us has a role to play in making the world a better place.
— Thomas S. Ricketts, Owner, Chicago Cubs


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